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Trading Rules

  1) For the purpose of safeguarding the interests of all customers, any documents signed by the Client, such as changing the E-mail notification or withdrawal application, etc., must be the same as the signature of the Client's agreement. Otherwise, the Group will not To handle.
  2) The Group does not encourage customers to do their own, the account to any person, including customer brokers and agents, on behalf of customers to do any trade transactions. The Group shall not be liable for any loss to the Client.
 3) Internet failure
The Group is not responsible for communications failures, distortions or delays in transactions on the Internet due to the Group's ability to control network signals, the reception and routing of signals through the Internet, the structure of your equipment or the reliability of the connection.
  4) trading hours
  Daylight: Monday to Saturday morning 06:00 - 04:45 (Hong Kong time / Beijing time)
Winter: Monday to Saturday morning 07:00 - 05:45 (Hong Kong time / Beijing time)
 5) Interest calculation
  Daily day / day of interest
  Daylight: 00:00 am (Hong Kong time / Beijing time)
Winter: 00:00 am (Hong Kong time / Beijing time)
 6) in the fast market in the implementation of "limit plate" and "stop loss plate"
  In the fast market, we must widen the trading spread to reflect the increased market risk. In this case your "limit order" and "stop-loss" may be executed at a market price that is worse than your default execution price. At present, we will limit the deviation within 300 points (if any changes will be here to inform) as your protection. So, when you preset the "limit order" and "stop-loss", you must understand this additional fast market risk. However, when the transaction price is maintained at the standard deviation price, we guarantee that your "limit order" and "stop loss" if executed, will be the expected price of your transaction.
  7) Exceptional trading
  A) definition
  1. Exceptional trading accounts are often closed in 1-5 minutes.
  2. The Client's use of any non-Group-issued computer plug-in software or damaging means, directly or indirectly, may be delivered to the British Police Technology Crime Bureau.
  3. Customers use the same account and use multiple computer terminals to conduct transactions, intended to "intensive trading" means that the market caused huge turnover of misleading information.
  4 of which more than 20-40% of the transactions are less than 1-5 minutes to complete.
  5. The number of transactions varies greatly, such as an instant change from 0.1 to 0.5 hands to 5 to 10 hands.
  6. If you use the form of lock, and then the transaction is also 1-5 minutes to open positions.
  7. Use two or more accounts to open and close each other in a short period of time (1-5 minutes).
 B) treatment
  1. Exceptional trading customers, if they have made an account of an unusual transaction through the Group's trading department, the transaction and funds of the trading account will be frozen and will be subject to a period of 1 to 2 months. After the investigation, if the existence of abnormal transactions, customers need to apply within 14 days to terminate the account application. Upon completion of the formalities, the Group will refund the remaining amount of the account (excluding any profits arising from the abnormal transaction).
  2. Referral Exception The customer's service fee will be frozen until the investigation is completed if the system has determined that the agent has an abnormal transaction. If the investigation does occur, the service fee incurred by the unusual account will not be paid and the service fee paid in the past will be retained and the agent is entitled to be disqualified.
The Group will adjust the relevant processing rules from time to time.
  8) deposit
  For investors to provide the most quick and innovative online deposit (need to open online banking function), investors only in the official website click on the "Account Management Center", enter the MT4 account and password to log in their own account management center: click on "account into the gold" and then Prompt to enter the amount you want to deposit the amount of money, and then choose to pay the bank, click OK to automatically jump to the online banking interface, through your U shield and other media verification after real-time remittance, so easy and worry-free deposit, Instant arrival, safe and fast, and no cost advantages.
  9) withdrawals
  Investors only need to click on the official website click on the "account management center", enter the MT4 account and password to log in their own account management center: click on "account money", and then enter the amount of money you want to withdraw money, the system automatically review withdrawal information, The system will automatically remit money to the customer's silver card, according to the bank system settlement time, withdrawal time (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, except statutory holidays) we are committed to withdraw within 6 hours, but not including Bank processing time.
  We do not accept third party deposits or withdrawals. We do not accept third party deposits or withdrawals. The bank card information must be consistent with the source of funds and the returned bank card information.