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London gold / silver

London Gold / Silver Introduction
  London gold, also known as spot gold, is a financial derivative product. Its price also represents the current price of physical gold. The most important gold spot markets in the world include London, Zurich, Hong Kong, and New York, among others, such as Tokyo and Istanbul, as well as the gold spot market.
  As the Hong Kong gold market in the time difference just to fill the US gold market closed and London before the opening of the neutral, coherent Asia, Europe and the Americas and the formation of a complete world gold market. Hong Kong's superior geographical conditions have also attracted the attention of the European gold business, the five gold business in London, Switzerland, the three major banks have set up branch offices in Hong Kong. They brought the gold trading in London to Hong Kong, and gradually formed an "local London system" (Local London System) as the cornerstone of the invisible "local London gold market" (Local London Gold Market), and prompted Hong Kong to become One of the world's major gold markets.
  Hong Kong has two gold spot markets. One is the Chinese gold capital to dominate, there are fixed places of sale of the "gold and silver trading field." There are two gold specifications in the trade fair. The average price of 99% of the 99 gold, the basic trading volume of 100 two, the minimum price fluctuations for every two Hong Kong dollars 5 angle; and fineness of 99.99% of the kilograms, each basic trade volume of 5,000 grams, the minimum price fluctuations for each Gram Hong Kong dollars 1 cents order. Its trading methods using public outcry, gestures traded traditional trading transactions, no computer network can respond to real-time quotes.
  The second is the foreign capital business, and in London to pay gold market; close contact with the London gold market, there is no fixed trading place, the so-called "local London gold market", silver is the same.
  Spot gold / silver trading is real-time trading (T + 0 model), by the Asian market, the European market and the Americas market, the three major market constitutes a 24-hour trading hours. Its daily flow of more than 20 trillion dollars. As with futures, you can buy or buy, and have a lever system as a regulator.

  Foreign exchange
  Introduction to foreign exchange market
  International trade, investment, tourism and other economic exchanges, the total can not help but generate monetary balance. But the national currency system is different, in order to pay abroad, must first buy foreign currency in their own currency; the other hand, from abroad to receive foreign currency payment vouchers must also be converted into national currency in circulation. This has occurred in the exchange of domestic and foreign currencies. The parity of the two currencies is the exchange rate or exchange rate. Western central banks to implement foreign exchange policy, the impact of foreign exchange rates, often trading foreign exchange. All commercial banks that sell foreign exchange, banks, foreign exchange brokers and exporters who specialize in foreign exchange business operate all kinds of cash transactions and exchange transactions. All foreign exchange business constitutes a foreign exchange market.
  A foreign exchange transaction is a country currency and another currency exchange. Unlike other financial markets, there is no specific location in the foreign exchange market and no central exchange, but rather through electronic networks between banks, businesses and individuals. "Forex trading" is to buy a pair of currencies in a currency and sell another currency.
  Foreign exchange market is different from other trading markets is the most obvious point of continuity and space on the non-binding. In other words, the Forex market is a 24-hour non-stop market, with major volatility and trading hours starting Monday in New Zealand to work in Chicago on Friday. Weekends in the Middle East also have a small amount of foreign exchange transactions exist, so the foreign exchange market is a non-stop continuous trading market.