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Technical aspects of Jingda significant positive gold is expected to usher in a large market?

According to overseas well-known financial media CNBC Monday (May 22) reported that gold prices have risen nearly 10% so far this year, if Monday a major technical signal can become a guideline, then the gold price outlook is expected to rise further.
  Despite the slight increase, but still enough to make the 50-day average price of gold to wear 200-day moving average, the formation of technical analysis of the so-called "Jin Cha."
This is seen as a positive signal that an asset is performing well in the short term and may reverse the long-term downward trend.

(Picture: CNBC, FactSet, FX168 financial network)

Monday's COMEX June gold futures closed up 0.62 percent, or $ 7.80, at $ 1261.40 an ounce, boosting its growth during the year.
  Investors hedge the Trump government difficult to promote its financial agenda the possibility of gold in 2017 so far better than the US stock market S & P 500 index, which rose about 6.5%.
Of course, some technical analysts pointed out that the price of gold in order to achieve a real breakthrough, but also need more work to do. Kim Kim Chart, founder of Kimble Charting Solutions, wrote in a report: "In my opinion, gold is still in trouble."

(Image: CNBC, Kimble Charting Solutions, FX168)

He pointed out that the current trend of gold to become a so-called "triangular flag shape", by a 16-year rise in support lines and six consecutive years of decline in the composition of the resistance line.

Kimble said that the "triangular flag" does not imply that an asset will run in what direction, but from a historical point of view, once the break through this form, usually a huge market.
  (Editor: Liu Xiaoman HF108)