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The world's top financial media champions: this is the greatest risks to the economy!

The world's top financial media MarketWatch (October 11) said on Wednesday that the economy's biggest unknowns is political. Two share in September for best predict the expert points out, as the global economy eventually moving in the same direction, the U.S. economy has been growing steadily, but the pace of growth is not remarkable, mainly is facing the risk of policy mistakes.

Moody's analysis (Moody's Analytics), Sweet, a senior economist said: "this is the potential of the calm before the storm, geopolitical risk is on the rise."

Briefing.com, chief market analyst at Pat O 'Hare said: "fiscal and monetary policy is so uncertain. Synchronous with the global economic growth, all factors to prepare for the inflation picks up."

This is the third time Sweet win MarketWatch's monthly forecast series, also is the second time this year has won the title. Pat O "Hare before never won the award.

O 'hare to work in the Briefing for the analysis of stocks and bonds, and from the Angle of investors, wrote about the high frequency data. He works in a Briefing for 20 years.

O 'hare worried that the fed and other central Banks will make mistakes. For central Banks, when economic growth finally recovers in the global scope, it is a difficult period. The federal reserve and other central Banks need to cancel the stimulus, flexible and not let the economy is overheating.

No matter what the fed is doing, there are risks. To keep interest rates low for a long time may lead to inflation, forcing the fed "in terms of cancellation of monetary easing too radical.

O 'hare said, given the global economic growth has been enough to trigger some inflation pressure, the fed may have to "slammed on the brake," especially if congress to pass the tax to promote stronger growth.

O 'Hare said: "in the end, this is the cause of the bull market: higher interest rates cause a recession."

Sweet is also considering the next recession, but now he doesn't worry about it.

Sweet bullish about short-term outlook. He said: "the economy is good, there is little sign that economic growth is slowing."

Sweet believes that the unemployment rate will only further down, but he is not worried about the economy will soon be overheating. He said: "there are a large number of available workers. The Labour market still no sign of supply constraints."

But in the end, he points out, the stable economic growth and falling unemployment will concern about inflation and wages.

Sweet is expected, the federal reserve will raise interest rates again in December, but the prospect to raise interest rates in 2018 there is a lot of uncertainty, because we don't know who will lead the fed ".

If the President of the United States (Donald Trump) Trump reappointing Yellen (Janet Yellen) chairman of the fed, or the appointment of the current fed governor Powell (Jerome Powell) as the new chairman of the federal reserve, that would be a "continuity" policy. But if the former federal reserve