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MT4 Trading Method

Provide a clear and perfect analysis of the chart operation is simple and quick

  24 hours real time offer
  Market price transaction
  When customers use the Group's online trading platform to trade, customers simply click on the corresponding products in the trading platform offer window and click on the sale. Real-time screen will pop up a window, and reported tradable prices. The price shown in the price and quotation window may vary, since the quotation for pop-up is the latest offer for the actual transaction and is only valid for a short period of time. You'll also see your default transaction amount, which you can edit if necessary; otherwise, you can trade by clicking.
  Telephone trading system
  Hand offer
  Customers can call the transaction straight line, directly to the transaction.

Limit trading:
  Limitations may be made either on the trading platform provided by the Group or by telephone, all of which are executed in the form of GOOD TILL HOILDAY (GTH). GTH stands for the order to be automatically canceled after any holidays or canceled by the customer. When the customer is trading at the limit order, the trading price limit must be set at the market price other than the prevailing market price. Otherwise, the Group will refuse to accept the order of the customer. When the market price fluctuates, the Group must expand the market points To reflect increased market risk.