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MT4 desktop

  simple chart analysis provides clear

24 hour real-time quotes!

  Market trading
  when customers use the Group's online trading platform trading, customers simply click on the trading platform quotes window corresponding product and click trading can be. Real-time screen will pop up a window, and report to the transaction price. The price and the offer price is displayed in the window may vary due quotes pop up is the latest offer for actual transactions, effective only in a short time our decision. Also displayed will be your default transactions, when necessary, modify; otherwise only one click, you can be traded.

  Note: Analog account is valid for the 15th, as the account validity period,   may apply for a new simulation account again.
  Note:Please fill in the account information when entering and leaving the money. If any of the consequences are due to the error of the account information, the Group will not be responsible

quote someone orders
  Customers can call the deal straight, direct transactions.
  Domestic transactions straight :400-175-5658

limit trading :
  may limit transactions on the trading platform provided by the Group or by telephone, all limit orders begin GOOD TILL HOILDAY (GTH) in the form of execution. GTH on behalf of the command will be automatically canceled or canceled by the customer until after any holiday. Limit orders when customers traded commodity price must be set in addition to the market price at the time gap between the points, otherwise refuse to accept the sale of the Group's customer instruction; when fierce encounter changes in market prices, The Group must expand the market points to reflect the increased market risk.