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Risk Disclosur

  Xihui to sign the precious metals investors, OTC spot foreign exchange transactions, forward or options contracts (collectively referred to as "the precious metals, foreign exchange contracts") can fully understand the risks involved. Foreign Currency Trading is a highly speculative investment activity, price changes very rapidly, while precious metals and foreign exchange trading is a high degree of economic leverage under investment, because usually require only a low margin, investments in foreign currency trading you can get a very high degree of leverage, such as $ 1,000 if the original capital by 1: 100 leverage zoom, you will be the largest trading positions worth $ 100,000. If you increase the zoom level, even if it occurs in 1% of the market changes may also cause you to lose all of the existing deposit. So capital of precious metals, foreign exchange investors must be willing to put at risk and if lost would not bring the quality of life of any change in the investor's risk capital.
  Only the investor himself can decide whether an investment in a foreign exchange transaction is really right for you. In view of the above information, we hope that you can carefully consider the risks associated with such investments. If your investment in the past is conservative in its nature, it is advisable to carefully learn about foreign exchange trading before making a final investment decision and hope that you will understand that only venture capital It is suitable for this type of investment. Investors should be aware of all risks associated with precious metals and foreign exchange transactions. If in doubt, seek professional advice from independent consultants.

  If you have already confirmed for this type of investment, please open a trading account.