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Anti-Money Lau

  Money laundering is illegal (terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal arms trade, corruption, human trafficking, etc.) into money or valuable substances obtained as a legitimate or lawful money investing behavior. The act will allow the source of money or other valuable substances illegally obtained impossible to trace.
  In order to deal with the illegal funding of state-owned economy penetration and prevent the expansion of terrorist activities, countries in the fight against money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. Financial institutions are making money illegally obtained becomes one of the most simple and convenient channel lawful income. The increasing integration of financial markets and the free flow of funds of illicit funds can easily penetrate into the capital markets. Therefore, the Group will implement the relevant measures in accordance with applicable laws and procedures to help international organizations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing activities around the world.

  1. Group record and verify the customer's identity, all transactions performed while customers   itemized and tracking. 
  2. Group would deal suspicious transactions and customers to track the implementation of non-standard conditions. Group AML DATF (International Money Laundering) recommendations on the implementation of its activities. 
  3. Group are never receive cash deposits in any case, do not receive cash payments. 
  4. When the group believe there is a link to a deal with money laundering or criminal activities, the Group has the right at any time to refuse to handle their transactions. Under international law, the Group has no obligation to inform customers of their suspicious activity has been reported to the appropriate agency. 
  will be issued pursuant to the latest committed to regularly update its electronic system to check suspicious transactions and customer authentication records. The company also provides staff training, strengthen resistance to money laundering, to accommodate the new requirements.