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Financial secu

attaches great importance to the security of customer funds.

Authority, the UK financial market behavior (FCA) guidelines for the use of customer funds.
According to the requirements of the UK financial market behavior Authority guidelines for the use of client funds, the British dailyInternational Group will need to deal with all of your money is separated and stored in the UK market conduct banking license in Hong Kong Monetary Authority. We only hold these funds as trustee.International Group in the UK bankruptcy process, the license to any other creditor bank or has the right to use these funds.

It also means that your funds and other assets willInternational Group and the British capital to distinguish,can not use the funds to do my own business group. Group I may use your funds and other clients' funds stored in a bank account. Therefore, once used to store your bank account funds negligence caused the loss of any cash in the account, you need to bear a certain extent, part of the loss in proportion.

Group I with a good reputation to maintain normal operations and customer bank accounts. All Group funds and client funds are deposited in the safest banks.

external audit
Our group designated as the International Accounting Consultants Limitedexternal audit. Responsible for annually in the period under review, the Group's review of my books and records and to report on the UK market behavior Monetary Authority fulfillment of our group "customer funds" and "capital adequacy" regulations.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is the UK financial market behavior Authority (FCA) Finally Appeals regulated financial services firm clients. This means that, if the British market behavior Monetary Authority finds that an authorized financial services company has been unable to pay its debts, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will be compensated according to the investment industry protection plan.

The program will give each customer up to a maximum of £ 50,000 in compensation. Financial Services Compensation Scheme is designed to protect individuals, but small companies are the object of protecting the column.