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Group Business

Group business scope
  Electronic trading platform

We provide precious metals and foreign exchange electronic trading platform services to all types of customers to shorten the distance between the customer and the trading market so that customers can always carry out their investment strategy at all times. Our electronic trading system is one of the most efficient and efficient trading systems in the industry, greatly reducing the general price, price, or repeated quotation, eliminating the need for customers to be able to perform transactions in agile market conditions, Stability, accuracy, and fairness.

  Private wealth management
  Our financial advisors provide complete and professional confidential wealth management and financial banking services for individual clients' background and needs. The scope includes the development of individual investment strategies, trust business, tax planning and insurance services. Such as tailor-made design strategies for wealthy people, to take full advantage of market opportunities for wealth preservation, value-added, or transformation of asset matching, while the future distribution of wealth and business to make a sound plan, making the property can be successfully passed on.
  Transaction broker service
  We are one of the active trading members of major international exchanges and are also a broker and financial broker, providing services for hedge funds, corporate investors and individual investors in settlement, custody, financing and direct deals. We provide real-time quotes for major markets for corporate or individual investors, and improve the speed, accuracy and reliability of all types of goods through efficient transaction execution and settlement services.
  Data research
  Before we develop a new investment strategy or invest in the product, we must first explore the market, the long-term exploration, observation and repeated verification of the relevant market behavior to explore the most potential investment model, while determining the main trend within the market to identify and explore more opportunities , For customers more cost-effective investment in goods and projects. To meet the needs of individual investors, we are constantly analyzing and researching the economic conditions and investment markets around the world, providing timely, accurate and objective economic reports to every individual investor. Our objective, far-sighted, and affirmative research work is well prepared for every investment action and investment plan.