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Group Advantage

Minimum transaction cost
  Provide a wide range of CFD products, such as foreign exchange, metals, energy, etc., to provide a competitive spread. At the same time real-time rebate on the transaction, so that we investors enjoy the lowest transaction costs, maximize the benefits.
  The new leading trading platform
  To provide customers with advanced and efficient MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. Has a strong server, to provide customers with fast, stable trading system. At the same time, by applying it to high-end technology, thousands of orders can be received every second, so in the absence of negligence, the price must be stable in real time, in the never lose or delay information Transmission of the case, to ensure that the customer's offer run smoothly.
  The most convenient access to gold
Provide a variety of convenient and safe way of depositing, customers can directly through the wire transfer, savings card or other payment methods, through the customer management center for access. Into the real-time cash into account, out of gold 1-24 hours into account.

VIP Extreme Service and Training
  The global team of analysts through the online platform, combined with multimedia presentations, examples of real-time instruction, one-on-one explanation for you to read the market focus of information, analysis of charts, and timely answers to your problems encountered in the transaction. Not only that, we also have a one-to-one market analyst for qualified real accounts, as a VIP account manager who can help you reduce transaction costs, provide market analysis, improve trading skills, and control account risks.